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How to become Runway India Affiliate ?

• Firstly go to and create an account. After you’ve successfully sign up, you will be directed to your affiliate dashboard where you can keep track of all the sales/commissions you’ve earned and the orders placed by your friends.

• Unique coupon code will be created as well (you can find it in your affiliate dashboard) - which you can share with yours friends, fans & family. When they use your code to shop, it’ll be automatically added to your sales.

• You will also receive an email of the same. Your unique Referral link will be emailed to you. Now share this link to as many people as you can and convince them to buy from our site using your link. Make sure they shop because that’s how you’ll earn!

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Why to become Runway India Affiliate?

• The foremost reason is that you get to earn money from the comfort of your home.

• Runway India is a one-stop destination to discover indigenous handcrafted products from different parts of the country. So while sharing this, you’ll not only be earning but also supporting the local artisans and celebrate the culture of your nation. .

• Anyone can participate and earn decent income with ease. No age/qualification/gender barrier! • Women who wish to start working but have responsibilities of the household can also share our products with their friends & family along with their referral code/link and start earning.