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Sky Terracotta Face Planter

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Sky - This planter can become who you want them to be. Like the sky, they are limitless. All you need to do is to choose the right flora - those tresses that would go on to define your planter. Adorn your decor with a bit of character and have fun watching it grow into a person. Wheel-thrown and handcrafted by a Karnataka-based artisan community, this planter is illustrated by hand - every single piece of them.


  • Avoid using hard chemicals or abrasives on the surface, as it may cause permanent damage to the illustration as well as the organically coated black Colour of the planter. Every planter in this collection has been painted by hand, and smoked to get its jet black Colour. Therefore, the product you receive will be slightly different in it's illustration and there may also be patches of  brown on its smoked black surface.


  • 10x10x14.5 cm


  • 370 g


  • 7-10 Business days