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BodyCafe Moringa, Neem & Bentonite Clay Face pack Powder

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Face Packs are a must for keeping your skin healthy and for reducing signs of ageing. Moringa, Neem & Bentonite Clay Face Pack Powder from BodyCafé improves skin elasticity and gives you an even skin tone. 
Moringa slows down signs of ageing, helps in building collagen and prevents radical damage to your skin tissues. The neem detoxifies your skin and stimulates blood circulation giving it a healthy glow. Bentonite clay absorbs toxins from your skin letting it breathe and protects it from visible signs of ageing. 
Handcrafted to protect your skin and make it glow, this Moringa & Bentonite Face Pack Powder is suitable for oily, sensitive, combination and/or acne prone skin. This effective face pack powder curated with love and care for you is effective in minimising the occurrence of acne breakouts and also lightening pimple or acne marks.


  • Moringa has 7 times more Vitamin C that helps repair damaged skin cells.  Cytokine’s boost cellular growth and prevent cell destruction 
  • Improves skin elasticity & helps in firming of skin 
  • Prevents breakouts and regulates sebum production 
  • Lightens scar/acne marks
  • Cleans deep impurities, grime and dirt 
  • Stimulates blood circulation and detoxifies
  • Suitable For Oily, Sensitive, Normal, Dull


  • Natural

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