Meet our social partner who is helping boost our local economy by supporting our local artisans and womenfolk.

'Moi Namaste’ a Finnish enterprise committed to supporting Indian Artisans, founded by Pukhraj Ranjan after her move from India to Finland. It was Pukhraj’s way of connecting with India and her roots in a bid to support self help groups while also celebrating Indian Artisans and their craftsmanship with the rest of the world.
Pukhraj Ranjan, is an educator and a development advocate. Her interest leans more towards helping people grow be it people in people or her community in particular. She participates in a variety of social activities and contributes to the growth of the community. She is now the proprietor of the company ‘Moi Namaste,' which aspires to support and build the community of craftsmen and craftspeople.

In working with Runway Nagaland, ‘Moi Namaste' expresses their desire to work with artisans from NE India in order to represent each culture of the country. ‘Moi Namaste' also mentions how they view Nagaland as an integral part of India. They expressed their delight upon discovering Runway Nagaland, who shared the same values and the craftsmanship they were looking for. They aim in working together with RN in providing high quality products which celebrate Naga craftsmanship, be it in the form of jewellery, textile and the state as a whole.

She expresses her love for Naga jewellery and crafts, the intricacy of their designs, colours and the beautiful art of handicraft in the workmanship of Naga artisans and expresses the potential it has in regards to what Naga craftsmanship has to offer in a global scale.

When asked how she wants to be remembered, Pukhraj says she wishes her artisans remember her support and in sharing their stories with the people in the Nordic Regions where the works of Indian craftsmanship are less heard of.

The practice of self love and self care hasn’t been easy as a new entrepreneur and a business owner, by playing badminton and doing yoga, meditation, going for walks to the beach and a little time for self reflection helps Pukhraj in rejuvenating and unwinding herself after a hectic schedule.