Meet our social partner who is helping boost our local economy by supporting our local artisans and womenfolk.

“Ours is a location, a store, a curation of the people, for the people, by the people”
Priya Vasudevan the owner of ‘Collage Shop India’ is a daughter, wife, mother and a business woman, a home maker in her free time.

 ‘Collage Shop India’ started with Priya’s sister when she suggested they set up a shop in Chennai. Her sister ran it while Priya merchandised for the shop. Priya then opened the shop in Bangalore and reworked for the city. Collage was christened by her sister and Priya started giving it her version.

 On asking Priya what her outlook on craftsmanship and artisans from Nagaland was, she mentions:
“ They need to be seen more, just like how we must be exposed more to them, they too must understand the rest of India”.
Priya mentions how there are no motives when it comes to working with RN. If someone reaches out to her and if she likes it she is in.

She thanks Runway Nagaland for approaching Collage Shop India for the collab. She feels humbled and grateful to every vendor. Her future plans with Runway Nagaland includes working and then working some more and to do so as long as both Runway and Collage can work together.

On being asked how Priya wants to be remembered she mentions:
“I do my best that's all. Sorry for the mistakes. Thank you for your appreciation.”

A day in her life is pretty routined. She follows a strict pattern with everything in order to make her work days regimented. She leaves the weekend for family or friends to give them company.

Priya mentions how she never really ‘unwinds’, she is wound up mostly with things that matter to her.
 “And once that happens I can't undo it.  That's just who I am. I have no need for everyone's validation.. but if you matter I will make sure you know it in more ways than one.”

Priya expresses how her days can either go good or bad, it is beyond her and how we must have it in us to pull ourselves together.
“Nothing goes to my head, I take nothing to the heart as far as work goes.”

On asking her who puts a smile on her face, she shares her fondness with her dogs and how they never fail to amuse her. She calls them her ‘conniving rascals’.